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Product Liability

The information contained in this website on product suitability should be used by customers for guidance only,
Position Sensors Ltd make no warranty or representation of suitability of their products for any particular application.

In addition Position Sensors Ltd give no guarantee for its products if used in mision critical applications where
failure may contribute to loss of life or property damage.

Customers should satisy themselves of actual performance and suitability for the intended application.

We have a policy of continual product development and while we will try and advise customers if we feel technical change
may affect their application we cannot quarantee to do this

This website is being continually updated and efforts are made to ensure all information is correct, however all information should be considered for guidance only 

Privacy Policy

Your use of this website signifies your consent, as well as the consent of the company who employs you, for us to collect
and use the data provided by you.

When we collect personal information from our website that can identify your personal identity, ie name,
address, email address, etc, we will only use this to deliver our services and products to you.

This information will not be passed to third parties. 



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